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Pitchers and catchers

It's odd because most winters it seems like pitchers and catchers day takes forever to arrive.  For whatever reason it hasn't been that way this winter for me.

Maybe it has something to do with being excited about NFL football all the way into January.  It could even have something to do with the weirdly warm temperatures in Columbus for the past few months. Maybe I just didn't have as much emotionally invested in baseball under the last days of the O'Brien/Lindner regime.  But whatever the reason, Spring Training has come pretty quick for me.

Luke Hudson has signed a one year deal, and he's accepted an assigmnent to Louisville.  I'm crossing my fingers that the Reds will try him as a reliever. I guess he's claimed in the past that he can't get loose quickly enough to relieve, but if that's the case then he's going to have to suck it up and deal. He doesn't look to me like he's got much of a future as a starter.

Anyone else planning on attempting Opening Day tickets on Saturday morning?  I'm planning on being at the Georgesville Meijer's.  If anyone else from Columbus goes there let me know in the comments. I saw a couple of RedsZoner's last year, although I didn't know that's who they were until later reading about their morning.