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Reds (and Blues) take on Rick White

Doc Scott thinks the White signing was pointless:

4. And the biggest reasons- Josh Hancock, Jason Standridge, Luke Hudson, Allan Simpson, Elizardo Ramirez, Mike Burns, Grant Balfour, Bubba Nelson, Brian Shackleford, Jung Bong and Todd Coffey.

I actually think his reasons 1-3 were quite a bit more compelling, because that is a seriously motley crew above.  I see exactly one guy in the above list that I'm comfortable with in a Reds uniform - Todd Coffey.  I'd also be comfortable with Grant Balfour if I knew he was healthy, but I don't.

And that, in a nutshell, is why I'm not terribly upset by the White signing.  He might suck, but he's not really holding anyone back.  One or two of those guys apart from Coffey might turn out ok, but I think one or two is the ceiling.