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Reds sign Rick White

From the DDN:

In all his travels through eight major-league cities in the past 12 years, relief pitcher Rick White always wanted to do one thing before he quit picking up rosin bags -- pitch for the Cincinnati Reds, the team he loved as a child.

White, 37, gets that chance this year. The Springfield native agreed to a one-year $600,000 contract Monday with the Reds, with $300,000 more available in performance incentives.

I have no problem with this.  White could easily be a terrible pitcher this year, but at $600,000 + incentives who really cares?  If he bombs then he'll be out of here by May.  If he repeats last season then we'll have a bargain.

I've seen people up in arms about this signing as if it really matters, which is just weird.  The Reds had quite possibly the worst bullpen I've ever personally seen last season.  I'm not going to get upset with any new blood the front office might want to try.