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Uni Watch Looks At New Reds Uniforms

2007 Reds Uniform

Uniwatch is a great site that goes into obsessive detail on sports uniforms. They recently took a look at the new Reds unis:

Good vs. stupid -- that's really the fundamental question of our age, no? "Bad" has almost fallen out of the equation, because bad implies a failed attempt at doing something good, while most bad things in today's world never tried to be good in the first place -- they're just pointless, insipid, stupid. Case in point: the new Reds uniforms, which were unveiled yesterday

He actually does go on to find quite a bit to like about the new uniforms, but the guy really hates the drop shadows. I don't mind them myself, but I don't really know alot about design. Uniforms are kind of like my taste in just about everything, I like what I like, even if I can't quite say why.

I do like the home jerseys quite a bit more than the road though, now that I've had some time to digest everything. Maybe I just really like the piping on the home uniforms. And I'm a sucker for the all Red cap, even if I'd never personally wear one. Not a fan of the red top, black billed road cap.