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Thursday Winter Meetings Open Thread

Last day, so if anything's going to happen it has to be soon.

  • The Reds drafted a player in the Rule V draft.
  • The MLB draft might be televised soon. Pretty long overdue I think, I know I'd watch. Would make it slightly more fun to root for a terrible team, and that's not a bad thing. Draft day was the Bengals day back in the 90s, best day of the year by far.
  • This guy doesn't seem to really have a clue:
    Alex Gonzalez, SS, Reds (3 years, $14,000,000)
    The Red Sox had the right idea with him -- he's a potentially decent stopgap. He might enjoy a one-year resurgence in power thanks to the GABP, but otherwise Reds fans can expect more of the same from a player with a career .292 OBP and fading defense. This isn't nearly as bad news for Reds fans as the hiring of Thom "Amaaaazing" Brennaman and Jeff Brantley to the announcing team. Shudders.

    I really think Gonzalez is one of the few things that Krivsky has managed to get right in recent months.

  • This is how you get relief pitching. Krivsky could definitely learn something from John Schuerholz.

This is your open thread for Thursday's Winter Meetings. Let's hope something actually happens today.