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Wednesday Winter Meetings Open Thread

Julio Lugo

I thought the Alex Gonzalez signing was a good one at least partially because there aren't too many free agent shortstops on the market this offseason. The only real name out there is Julio Lugo, and I assumed he'd be out of the Reds price range. Looks like that was a correct assumption as the Red Sox signed him yesterday for $36 million over four years. The Red Sox seem to have decided to spend their way back to the playoffs, and they've made some really questionable decisions so far this offseason. No way does that J.D. Drew contract not come back to bite them in the ass.

Brian Bannister had popped up as a possible Wayne Krivsky target, but that won't be happening. The Mets traded him yesterday to the Royals for Ambiorix Burgos.

Use this as your Wednesday Winter Meetings open thread.