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Open Thread: The Bullpen

David Weathers

I kind of thought it would be overkill to have a seperate thread on each and every reliever, so I figured we could knock them all out at once. Let's run down the current list:

  • Toddy Coffey: Coffey is one of the Reds relievers with the most upside. He's also one of the few relievers who I didn't dread coming into a game last season. He's a lock to make the team, unless Krivsky does something stupid and trades him. Which could certainly happen since Coffey's young and good, and Krivsky doesn't seem to appreciate either of those qualities. He does run to his position though, major props for that.
  • Rheal Cormier: Absolutely no reason to give Cormier two years on his contract. If not giving him the extra year meant not acquiring him then that would have been ok. The guy's going to be 40 years old this April, and I'd be absolutely shocked if he's useful all season. His ERA was near 6.00 in 2005, so who knows what we'll be getting in 2007.
  • Bill Bray: He damn well better be good, that's really about all I have to say. He's just about the only reason we gave up two starting position players, so he needs to become a shut down closer for that trade to be anything other than worthless.
  • Gary Majewski: I actually like this guy, even though he wasn't worth anything last year. If he's healthy I think he'll be solid. Reminds me of Scott Sullivan for some reason, although I couldn't really tell you why. He'll be 27 next season, so you'd hope that he's getting ready to enter his prime.
  • Mike Stanton: Pretty much everything I said about Cormier applies here too. The main difference is that Stanton won't be 40 until June. Don't laugh, but it really wouldn't surprise me to see Stanton as the closer in 2007. I don't think it'd be smart, but I could see it happening.
  • David Weathers: I'm a fan of Weathers, and I'm glad that he was resigned. He seems to have a bad month every year, but other than that he's pretty solid. He's had an ERA under 4.00 two years in a row now for the Reds, which means he can stay however long he wants as far as I'm concerned. Things are that bad with Cincinnati's relievers. Plus he's a spring chicken at only 37 years old. I'm sure Krivsky figures he's got another five years in him, at least.
  • The Rest: That's six spots that I figure are pretty lock solid, leaving just one open bullpen spot heading into spring training. I really can't remember the last time things were so certain in December when it came to the Reds bullpen. The last guy will probably be one of Matt Belisle, Elizardo Ramirez, Jon Coutlangus, Phil Dumatrait, Bobby Livingston, Calvin Medlock, Brad Salmon, Brian Shackelford, or David Shafer. My guess right now is Brad Salmon, but we'll have to see how it plays out.

Questions to get the ball rolling:

  1. Does the age thing bother you as much as it does me? I've gotten pretty sick of Krivsky signing over the hill relievers, but that might just be me, I don't know.
  2. Do you think the Reds will have a better bullpen this year than last? If yes, why?
  3. Who fills the last spot in the bullpen in your opinion? Why?