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Arbitration Deadline

Just saw a note on Marc's blog that the deadline for team's to offer arbitration is midnight tonight. So we'll know in a couple of hours if the Reds offer arbitration to Aurilia and Weathers. I think they'd be smart to offer it on Aurilia, but we'll see. I'll have updates when we find something out.

Marc also had a note hinting at the possibility that Castellini is willing to spend. Wouldn't it be something if the Reds ended up with a big name after guys like John Fay completely dismissed the possibility?

Update: Krivsky offers to Rich Aurilia and Scott Schoeneweis, not to David Weathers. Seems like a pretty good chance that the Reds will get a couple of picks out of these two, and my guess is that the Reds will try pretty hard to sign Weathers, but we'll see.