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Wednesday Links

Jeremy Bonderman

  • First I wanted to comment on the ad up top. I haven't seen any complaints so far, which is nice and I appreciate that. SBNation negotiated an ad deal with a pretty big ad agency, and this is the result. The good news is that the site is only going to look like this for awhile. The money produced from the ad deal will be (partially) going towards site redesigns, and hopefully that'll be rolled out before next baseball season.
  • Jim Bowden has always had a hard time staying away from former players, and he picked up three from the Reds the other day. Chris Michalek, Josh Hall, and Eddy Valdez are now in the Washington organization. Sad about Hall, I'd had hopes for him at one point. Hopefully he can get things worked out and have a major league career at some point.
  • Baseball Minutia has done some great work looking back at previous decades and the moves that shaped them. Here are the 90's and the 2000's, or whatever you want to call them. There's a lot more where that came from, so check out Baseball Minutia for previous decades.
  • Trades have already started. Hop to it Wayne.
  • I really wish Cincinnati had a columnist like this. Seriously, I have no idea why Cincinnati can't have nice things. Even the radio sucks.
  • I know this has a diary already, but this is some crazy shit. I'm not saying not to post rumors from Gotham Baseball, because any rumor is fun to kick around, but I wouldn't trust anything coming out of there until they prove themselves with something. I'd never even heard of the magazine until a few weeks ago and now they're all over the place with craziness. I'd recommend caution.