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Bob Castellini Sounds Serious

Bob Castellini

I go back and forth pretty frequently when it comes to my opinion of Wayne Krivsky, but my opinion of Bob Castellini really hasn't changed since he bought the team. He seems extremely interested in running a successful franchise, all the way from from the business aspect to the product on the field. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's in this for money just like any owner, but I still truly believe he wants the Reds to win.

It's quotes like this that make think that:

"I'll just throw this out to Wayne Krivsky," the Reds' CEO said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. "If you can put together as good a team on the field as John Allen has put together in the broadcasting booths, we'll be in the World Series next year."[...]

"This is a core of excellence for us in this area, and we're trying to achieve excellence in all the different areas of this franchise - on and off the field," Castellini said.

That's great to hear, especially when it doesn't sound like lipservice being paid to the idea of winning.

And then you have to like this:

Should fans assume that the Reds will be just as aggressive in pursuing players this winter as they were in targeting two national broadcasters?

"Absolutely," Castellini said, without hesitation. "Absolutely."

Fans and media are quick to write off the Reds when it comes to pursuing big name free agents this offseason, but I think we might be surprised. I'm ok with not spending an obscene amount of money on a pitcher (teams rarely get their money's worth in that situation), but I do think the Reds are going to add payroll this offseason.

I also don't think they're going to trade Adam Dunn anymore. Hiring a guy that worked with him in the minor leagues as a hitting coach tells me they're going to give him at least one more year. I could be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking.