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John Fay Has A Pretty Sweet Job

I'm getting really tired of John Fay. I don't like going after beat writers like some sites do, but I can't help it after reading this story. The headline "Reds not ruling out Aurilia" doesn't jibe with the story (which basically comes to the conclusion that it's not at all likely that Aurilia is coming back), but I'll give Fay the benefit of the doubt since he might not have input on headlines for his stories.

What bothers me is the choice of subject matter. The Cincinnati Enquirer is certainly the paper of record for the Cincinnati Reds, I don't think there can really be any debate with that. Why is the paper of record talking about Rich Aurilia at this point?

It's obvious that the Enquirer is only going to run a story a day (if that) about the Reds at this point in the year, and that's fine. It is, after all, nearly December. But why waste the space on something that's a foregone conclusion? The Reds have a first baseman. They have a second baseman. They just signed a shortstop. And they have a third baseman.

Where would Rich Aurilia play if he were to resign? How could anyone be wondering at this point if Aurilia is coming back when every position the man plays has a starter, and most of them also have backups?

This is one of our 4-5 stories a week on the Reds? John Fay spent yesterday calling Barry Axelrod to find out about Rich Aurilia? Is there really nothing better to do? I'd rather see a profile on Chad Moeller than something this pointless.

Add this to Fay's constant insistence that the Reds have no money, and I'm pretty much finished with the guy. This is why newspapers are dying.