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Honestly, This Is Boring

Rich Aurilia

Not a damn thing is really going on, and the offseason is even less fun than usual what with the Bengals all getting hurt and/or arrested.

I did see this over at RHM though:

The Giants continue to talk to Rich Aurilia, whom they view as a potential third or first baseman. Aurilia is hearing from a lot of teams but is considering strongly a return to San Francisco and a reunion with manager Bruce Bochy, whom Aurilia admired during his brief 2004 stint in San Diego.

Aurilia could benefit from the three-year, $13 million deal the Cubs gave Mark DeRosa. DeRosa is younger but Aurilia is more versatile.

I think the Cubs are really the last place to look if you're wanting to talk salary comparisons. Chicago might as well just start every offseason with a big bonfire where they set about $25 million on fire. It would do them about as much good as what they're trying now.

Aurilia is obviously going to get alot more money than he was paid by the Reds last season, but it'd be pretty crazy for a team to pay him anywhere in the neighborhood of 3 years, $13 million.

He might get it, but he's not worth it. It's not even so much the money as it is the years. Aurilia's already fallen off a cliff production wise once, and he's now 35 years old. That's not the kind of risk a smart team takes, but the Giants have never been afraid to sign "vets".