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Tuesday Links

Marcus Giles

  • Top prospect lists are starting to appear, and here's a top 10 from last week. Travis Wood seems a little low, Stubbs and Szymanski both seem a little high, but not too controversial of a list.
  • Bubba Crosby has a fan site. I was surprised too. (Hat Tip)
  • The Reds were officially mentioned in the Marcus Giles sweepstakes:
    Schuerholz said restoring the pitching staff to an elite level remains his top priority -- as difficult as that might appear considering the team's payroll constraints.

    San Diego and Cincinnati are among teams interested in Giles. The Padres have a setup reliever the Braves covet, Scott Linebrink.

    The Braves are in the market for a setup man along with a left-handed reliever, and have also inquired about starting pitchers.

    I really have no idea what the Reds could offer in terms of pitching, but it's obviously be really nice to see Marcus Giles playing for the Reds.

  • Reds (and Blues) has moved. Check them out, I like the new site.
  • Interesting interview with Sam Walker, the author of Fantasyland, the book that came out last spring about an experts fantasy baseball league.