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Tuesday Night Playoff Open Thread

Barry Zito

Whoops, guess the game isn't until tomorrow. I'll go ahead and leave this up, you guys could use an open thread anyway - JD

Tuesday night:

8:00 - Detroit (Robertson) vs. Oakland (Zito)

Does anyone care at all about Sean Casey? I find it kind of interesting that the guy is one step away from the World Series and I haven't read one blog post or message board thread congratulating him or even mentioning it really.

I don't know if I should draw a conclusion from that or not, but I do find it interesting.

I'll be rooting for Oakland here, although it was a tough decision. This is what I classify as a good series, where I'd really be okay with whatever happens. Check out the NL for the opposite. I'm hoping for a quick and brutal American League victory in the World Series, regardless of who ends up being the NL representative.