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Saturday Playoff Open Thread

Greg Maddux

Here's what we've got today:

1:00 - San Diego (Young) vs. St. Louis (Suppan)
4:00 - New York (Wright) vs. Detroit (Bonderman)
7:30 - New York (Trachsel) vs. Los Angeles (Maddux)

Seriously, if a team has to resort to using Steve Trachsel as a starting pitching in the playoffs, then they probably don't really deserve to be there. And I say that knowing full well that that statement would have applied to the Reds had they made it. Kyle Lohse in game three is kind of an unsettling thought, and I probably like Lohse more than most.

How're we feeling about the Oakland win? I saw it as kind of a good thing either way, both Oakland and Minnesota have alot of things to like as franchises, so I could have rooted for either one of them going forward. I think I'm going to be pulling for Oakland from here on out, whether it's against the Yankees or Tigers, although the Tigers are growing on me.