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Friday Open Playoff Thread

Dan Haren

Only two games today:

4:00 - Minnesota (Radke) vs. Oakland (Haren)
8:00 - New York (Johnson) vs. Detroit (Rogers)

We could have our first elimination today if the A's can manage to take out Minnesota. Seems like a pretty likely possibility just from looking at the pitching matchup.

The Yankees/Tigers matchup is the only series right now that has any kind of feeling to it. Not sure if I can really explain what I mean by that, but all the other series so far have felt pretty flat and lopsided. St. Louis is flat out dominating the Padres, which I definitely didn't see coming, and the Dodgers haven't put up much of a fight against the Mets. If it comes down to the Mets or Cardinals as the NL representative I do believe I'll have to root for the AL team, unless it's the Yankees, and then I'll just root for a meteor or something. I think it's about time to cross our fingers and hope we don't get another Subway Series.