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Open Thread: Chris Denorfia

Chris Denorfia

Chris Denorfia had an odd season, one that makes me question my confidence in the Reds front office.

The way was cleared for Denorfia to start every day with the Austin Kearns trade, and he did start immediately thereafter. From July 13 to July 20 Denorfia started five times, but struggled, getting just four hits in 21 at bats. That was it for Chris. He stayed with the team but barely played until August 10th, when he was optioned back to Louisville.

He was called back up when rosters expanded, and promptly went .352/.407/.463 in 54 September at bats.

It's the hallmark of a poorly run organization to not stick with a plan, and I think the Reds really fumbled the ball with Denorfia in 2006. They should have made a commitment to him after dealing with Kearns, and kept to it. Ryan Freel could have found plenty of playing time at second, third, center, and backing up all three outfield positions.

This is all hindsight, and I'm fully willing to admit that. I can remember Denorfia looking pretty clueless in July, which was certainly frustrating as a fan. But Wayne Krivsky has to be able to see the bigger picture and not panic over the day to day. Which is probably how we got the Kearns/Felipe trade in the first place, but obviously that's neither here nor there.

Denorfia finished up the 2006 season with 106 at bats and a .283/.356/.368. With the defense that he plays that oughta be a good enough line to stick him in center, but the Reds obviously have some issues there.

Here are some questions to get the ball rolling with Denorfia:

  • What do you think of the way the Reds handled Denorfia's playing time this season?
  • How do you see him developing going forward?
  • Where would you play him in 2007? Do you think he should start?
For reference: Chris Denorfia stats