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World Series Game 5 Open Thread

Justin Verlander


St. Louis (Weaver) vs. Detroit (Verlander)

Honestly, I can barely stomach the Cardinals winning the World Series, but I'm really going to have a hard time if Jeff Weaver wins the clincher.

I really hope the Tigers don't go down this easy.

In a way I feel like this was inevitable. Absolutely everyone was crowning the Tigers, a team that was pretty mediocre/borderline terrible heading down the stretch. The Cardinals weren't any better, but I don't think the talent level of these two teams is really that much different. I still definitely think the Tigers have more, but I think if this World Series was played ten times the Cardinals would probably be good for at least 4 titles.

It kind of feels like 1990, the way the media treated things as a foregone conclusion, only to see the upset occur.

Hopefully the Tigers pull off three in a row and makes all of this moot, because it'd be great to see the Cardinals crushed like that.