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Open Thread: Dave Ross

Dave Ross

Sticking with the bright spot theme, today we'll be looking at Dave Ross.

I didn't have much of an opinion when the Reds picked up Dave Ross, because I honestly figured he wouldn't be around all that long. I figured he was a temporary fix while LaRue healed, made necessary by the fact that the Reds' cupboard is empty of catchers. I saw him heading to AAA when LaRue resumed his starting duties, but that obviously never happened because Ross was positively Ruthian in April. He slugged .680 in April, .560 in May, .684 in June, and .714 in July, all the while picking up more and more playing time.

Looks great right? Well obviously there's going to be some skepticism as to whether Ross' season was for real, and the question of if he can do it again is certainly up for debate. Personally I don't have a clue, but even if he comes back to earth, I take heart in this:


That's David Ross' line from 2006 when he faces left handed pitching. He's one of the best platoon cases I've ever seen, and I think a Javier Valentin / David Ross platoon would be splendid.

Here's are two questions to get the ball rolling:

  • Do you think Ross can repeat his 2006 season?
  • Has Dave Ross caused you to completely give up on Jason LaRue? How do you solve the three headed monster at catcher at this point, since LaRue has such a beastly contract?
For reference: Dave Ross statistics