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Thursday Night Open Playoff Thread

Tom Glavine

Only one game tonight, as it should be at this point:

8:19 New York (Glavine) vs. St. Louis (Weaver)

I really don't know what MLB was thinking trying to schedule two games last night. Would it be that hard to have one game start at 7:00 and the other at 10:00? Or 5:00 EST and 8:00 EST?

MLB has such a great product, but they're seemingly constantly looking for ways to screw it up. Like the way the history is marketed more than the present (Tommy Lasorda doing postseason commercials is a decent example of this), or how they've allowed the steroid thing to grow so big. The NFL has a bigger steroid problem than baseball, it always has, but the average fan could care less because the NFL handles things better.

I can't really understand how a team with Jeff Weaver as one of it's more important pitchers has made it this far, but hopefully it'll end soon.