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Hal McCoy Thinks the Reds Should Trade Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn

From Hal McCoy:

Is it time to trade Adam Dunn? Probably. Houston salivates over the thought of having the hometown guy on their roster. The Chicago Cubs and L.A. Dodgers have shown interest in the past.

This is a tough one because it isn't easy to find guys who hit 40 home runs every year, walk 100 times, score 100 and drive in close to 100. But can the team stand 180 strikeouts nearly every year, a batting average that dwindles every year -- .266, .247 and .233 the past three seasons? And Dunn has yet to meet an easy fly ball.

As a person, there is none better. As a teammate, there is none better. As a guy who recognized his shortcomings, there is none better. But because he is only 26, he might be a piece the Reds could dangle for a starting pitcher, which bring us to No. 2.

It all comes down to what the return would be, and who you'd have in left field next season. Moving Griffey to left plus receiving a well above average starting pitcher would make dealing Dunn palatable.

What I worry about most is that Wayne Krivsky is turning the Reds into a team I'm not going to like very much. Don't get me wrong, I'll always love the Reds, but that doesn't guarantee that I'll always like them. I can put up with a poor hitting, good pitching team if it wins, but if it doesn't then all things considered I'd rather have FeLo/Kearns/and (should he leave) Dunn back. Dealing Dunn for veterans, or middle relievers, or something else equally stupid would just be one more step to making the Reds a really ugly ballclub.