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Jerry Narron vs. Rich Aurilia

Jerry Narron

It didn't take long for dirt to start coming out on the 2006 season.

Lance McAlister has this about Narron and Rich Aurilia:

Seems Jerry and Rich Aurilia went nose to nose with a week left in the season, and things got "pretty ugly". Rich told those that saw it, he wasn't coming back if Jerry was in charge in 2007

Rheal Cormier also apparently wasn't happy with the way he was used:

Rheal Cormier and Jerry had words in the final week of the season over Rheal's role.
The Reds told Rheal from the start that he would only throw in close games when the game was on the line....but through most of the season, they used him all over. Then, with two weeks left, Jerry went up to him and said, sorry we have used you all over, the last two weeks, you will only throw when the game is on the line. The very next day, they got him hot in the pen with a 7 run lead or something. He went nuts on Jerry too.

I can't really blame him there. I'm sure some people will say this is much ado about nothing, but if it's true I think it really signifies something. The number one hallmark of bad management, in sports or otherwise, is poor communication.

Combine all of this with this tidbit from a Mark Sheldon mailbag:

With so many guys coming in during the season, a lack of clubhouse leadership was exposed in my opinion. Some new additions felt hesitant to speak up on clubhouse issues they found troubling, especially during the late season slide.

The most important part of that statement is just the admission that there were clubhouse issues at the end of the season, something I don't find terribly surprising. It'd be tough not to have troubles with the August/September that the Reds had.

Here's the question I have after reading all of this: if Jerry Narron isn't good for the clubhouse then what good is he? He's a terrible in game manager. You combine that with a veteran (and by all accounts a respected vet) saying that he won't play for him again ... and I think you've got some problems.

I don't know where Krivsky goes from here (if this is true I could see him just ignoring it since Aurilia is likely to leave anyway), but I think he'd do well to at least consider some alternatives.