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Homer Bailey

From Dayn Perry:

91. Homer Bailey, RHP, Reds, Age 21
Acquired: 1st round, 2004, La Grange HS (La Grange, TX)

Another in a long lineage of raw, fire-balling Texas right-handers, Bailey sports a mid-90s fastball and a hammer curve that wows scouts. The problem right now (as it is with most young hard throwers) is that his off-speed stuff leaves much to be desired. He's going to need that third pitch if he's to succeed as a starter at the highest level. The Reds are handling him carefully in terms of workload, which is a point in his favor, but he struggled badly with his control last season in the Midwest League. If Bailey stays healthy, harnesses his stuff and cultivates a deeper repertoire, he'll be a special pitcher. But those are a lot of "ifs."

I'll be surprised if the Reds place any prospects other than Bailey on most of these "Top ..." lists. I suppose some of the prognosticators that are big on projection might list Jay Bruce, but the system is pretty bare when it comes to front line guys.  Lots of role players, but no stars.

(Via Redleg Nation)