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Interview with John Mozeliak

This is a very enlightening look into the thoughts of GM candidate and assistant Cardinals GM John Mozeliak:

The strategy this year was obviously to go heavy on college players versus high school.  What were the factors that caused you to come to that conclusion?

There's a couple of things.  One was "How do you validate a subjective scouting report?"  And, the one thing we were able to do is come up with metrics we could use to help us justify why we were taking players and where we were taking them.  The one thing I wanted the scouts to concentrate on was not so much just on what they thought about where a player should go and that sort of thing in terms of the draft.   I wanted them to tell me, "What are the tools this player brings?", and I would validate it with a multitude of other things to look at.  One would be our statistical analysis.  One would be through our psychological testing.  One would be our medical risk/reward factors.

Mozeliak seems pretty tools focused, but it's always tough to tell with assistants.  You never really know just how much responsibility they bear for their team's successes or failures.  I guess that's what the interview process is for.  Let's hope Castellini knows what questions to ask.