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Reds commit to keeping Kearns

Maybe I'm just still in a good mood from DanO getting axed, but I can't say I have a problem with this:

All of the recent trade rumors surrounding Reds right fielder Austin Kearns appear to be doused for the time being.

Kearns' name has run rampant in media reports all week since new owner/chief executive officer Robert Castellini dismissed general manager Dan O'Brien and named baseball operations director Brad Kullman the team's interim GM.

Kullman spent the past couple of days huddling with top advisors from the baseball operations staff, and the consensus of the group was that Kearns should stay unless there's an overwhelming offer.

"We have no active talks going on involving Austin Kearns, and we have no plans to trade him," Kullman said on Saturday afternoon.

I agree, there's just not a point in dealing him if the return isn't going to make a real difference.  The Reds are rolling the dice that Kearns won't get hurt and that he'll put up big numbers this season, but I'm comfortable with that gamble.  I still believe that Kearns is going to be a well above average player once he gets all the injuries and management garbage behind him.