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One of Dernell Stenson's killers pleads guilty


One of two men facing kidnapping and murder charges in the killing of Cincinnati Reds prospect Dernell Stenson has entered a plea agreement.
By pleading guilty to first-degree murder, 21-year-old Reginald Riddle avoids a possible death sentence. He also agreed to testify against co-defendant David Griffith, whose trial is set for September.

Riddle and Griffith are accused of abducting Stenson in his own S-U-V as he left a Scottsdale, Arizona, nightclub in November 2003.

Court records allege they drove to nearby Chandler, where Stenson tried to flee the vehicle and was shot several times. He then became entangled in a seatbelt and was dragged more than one-thousand feet.

Every time this is revisited I think about what a waste the entire thing was.  Of Stenson's promising life, and of his killers.  He was killed by 19-20 year olds who'll now rot in jail for the rest of their lives (and rightfully so).  Such stupidity and tragedy.