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  • Wayne Krivsky will be interviewed for the GM job.
  • Chris Antonetti, the Cleveland Indians assistant GM, will not.
  • The lower minor league level edict to take a strike has been done away with. Dragons pitchers will also not have to deal with a 75 pitch count limit anymore.  No word yet that I've seen on whether or not the tandem rotations will be scrapped as well, although I'm hoping.
  • Goodyear is in discussions to build a spring training facility in Arizona, and the Reds have been mentioned as a candidate to fill it. I think that's a pretty bad idea honestly. It has to be much easier for Cincinnati area folks to get down to Florida than it would be to travel to Arizona. Arizona pretty much requires flying while Florida doesn't.
  • Interesting article on Dave Miley putting the Reds behind him.
  • A.G. Lafley, the Procter & Gamble CEO, now owns a share of the Reds.
  • Monday will feature a surprise interview here at Red Reporter (and it's not Tom Browning - that's upcoming, but not quite yet). So make sure to check in for that.