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Two GM candidates

From the Sun-Sentinel:

The Cincinnati Reds' general manager search could take them as far south as Dolphins Stadium.

Marlins assistant general manager Michael Hill and vice president of player personnel Dan Jennings both are believed to be on the Reds' radar. New Reds owner Bob Castellini hopes to interview six to eight candidates.

Bringing in Hill, an African-American, would satisfy Major League Baseball's mandate for teams to interview minority candidates for managerial and front-office positions. The Reds' interest in him should go far beyond that as Hill was born and raised in Cincinnati, is a Harvard graduate and bilingual.

He has been the Marlins' assistant general manager since September 2002.


Jennings' Cincinnati ties aren't as strong, but he did begin his scouting career with the Reds in 1986.

He is an accomplished talent evaluator with an established reputation throughout the game.

Jennings did a Q&A over at Minor League Ball:

Mav: Now when you were with the Devil Rays, what was the drafting philosophy?

DJ: We liked to go with the more athletic players... the old saying goes "high risk, high reward"... GMs and scouts alike get unfairly criticized for taking the athlete over the baseball player... Take for example Carl Crawford... He was one of the best athletes in the draft and he had some ability. Now look at him, he could become the next big thing.