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Kearns for Clement

I know this has been mentioned in a diary or two, but this is just unbelievable:

The Reds, Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians were in a three-way discussion, working on a proposal that would have brought pitcher Matt Clement to the Reds from the Red Sox. The Reds would have sent outfielder Austin Kearns to Cleveland and the Tribe would have sent outfielder Coco Crisp, catcher Josh Bard and pitcher David Riske to the Red Sox.

At the last moment, Boston front office people say, the Reds backed out.

I'm as high on Austin Kearns as anyone, but Matt Clement isn't something you pass up when you're dealing from an area of strength.  If this wasn't the last nail in the coffin for DanO then it should have been.

Hopefully Kullman can get this done if there's anything to be salvaged.  I'd love to see Clement in a Reds uniform this season.