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Ownership press conference thoughts

Just off the top of my head:

  • Dan O'Brien wasn't in attendance, which I think probably speaks volumes.
  • Castellini was very down on the minor league system, saying he's impatient and that a great deal of money has been spent for the past two or three years with little improvement.  Another indictment of DanO.
  • John Allen won't have any say over baseball decisions anymore.  Now totally working on the business side of things.
  • Seemed to say that if the Reds were contending in July that they'd go out and get someone.  Otherwise said that they would budget to "break even".  Payroll this season will be $60-65 million this year.
  • Still looking for a closer and frontline starter, but not many people are available.  Came close on Matt Morris, but he wanted to play with Mike Matheny.
  • Castellini has a lot of man love for Lou Piniella. Expect him to either be the manager or the GM in 2007.  The former doesn't bother me, the latter terrifies me.
Hard to say what'll happen from here, but I'm not terribly impressed so far.  I want to believe, but it's hard when we're essentially status quo coming out of today.