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Browning Book Close to Completion

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I wrote about a forthcoming Tom Browning book here:

I found this amusing:
Speaking of Dann, he's currently writing a book about the great Cincinnati Reds lefthander, Tom Browning. Funny anecdote: Dann had a Party Poker jacket hanging up in his office which Tom duly noticed.

Says Mr. Browning, "Do you play poker on there?" Answers our hero, "Yup, almost every day." Replies Tom Browning, "Me too, I love it there."

And hey, a book about Tom Browning?  Sounds good to me.

The book is titled Tom Browning's Tales from the Reds Dugout, and it'll be out in March.  

There's a good possibility that I will be able to interview the author Dann Stupp as well as Browning himself.  I wanted to put that out there so that you guys could submit questions that you'd like to see Browning and Stupp answer.  So fire away!

Here's the cover of the book:

tom browning book