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Rose working in Vegas

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For a guy who wants to rehab his image, this is pretty stupid:

Baseball's infamous outcast sits behind a table in front of a memorabilia store in an upscale mall. Pete Rose's full-time job these days is hustling his signature, and he is paid more than a million dollars to do it. Two young women wearing Cincinnati Reds jerseys hoist "Pete Rose Here Today" signs. The banished "Hit King" sports a doughy face and paunch and the glum look of a boy kicked out of a ballpark because he was bad.


Rose works his stretch of mall real estate from noon-6 p.m., flying or driving from Los Angeles.

Most purchases are impulse buys. Casual shoppers are shocked to see Rose sitting in the Forum Shops of Caesars. Prices range from $69.99 for autographed 8x10s to $399 for a jersey package that includes a signed photo or ball. He is paid a monthly sum by Mounted Memories and Dreams Inc. His compensation is determined by the business he generates.