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Griffey May be Done for the Year

It'd be nice for the Reds to tell the truth about an injury just once, especially when it concerns Junior:

The team says Ken Griffey Jr.'s injury is a strained right foot and he is day-to-day, but it is more serious than that, according to a source with firsthand knowledge who asked not to be named.

The Cincinnati Reds center fielder actually pulled part of a tendon off the bone, "Potentially a serious situation, potentially a season-ending injury," the source said.

This is why trading Junior probably would have been a good idea.  It's not that he's not worth his contract, and it's not that he hasn't produced this year.  It's his fragility.  Let some other team take the risk.

But it's too late for that now, and the Reds don't have the guts to pull the trigger on a deal that big anyway.  Not with the current leadership.