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Game Thread: Game 136

TIME: 1:05 @ Turner Field

               BRAVES PROBABLE:
Ramon Ortiz (8-10, 5.43)       Horacio Ramirez (11-8, 4.49)

A couple of interesting stories in the Enquirer today, the first of which deals with the heartwarming story of Aaron Holbert making good:

Holbert started at second base Saturday against the Braves, knocking in his first run of the season with a fourth-inning sacrifice fly. His only other big-league start came in April 1996 for the St. Louis Cardinals.

It's kind of an amazing story.  There can't possibly be that many players who went nine years between their first and second major league starts.

And John Fay is stumping for Jerry Narron:

The reason we bring this is up is this: If Narron is back as manager - and the betting still has to be 5-1 that he is - will he be able to pick his staff?

No Reds manager since Davey Johnson has been able to bring in his own people.

Johnson also happens to be the last manager to take the Reds to the playoffs.


Isn't that line of thinking how we got Dave Miley?  Don't get me wrong, I was a proponent of hiring Miley.  I thought it was worth a shot.  I now fully admit that I was wrong.

If Davey Johnson was the last manager to take the Reds to the playoffs, then let's go out and get Davey Johnson.  That makes about as much sense as asserting that the Reds have struggled because their managers haven't been able to pick their own staffs.

Reds trying to avoid the sweep today.  They've really sucked of late, virtually ruining any shot they had of finishing .500 or better.  Hopefully they can salvage one against the Braves today.

Let's go Reds!

[Update: Ken Griffey Jr. has tied Mickey Mantle for 12th on the all time HR list with his 536th career home run.]