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Narron Named Manager for '06

Mutual option for '07:

The Cincinnati Reds have offered Jerry Narron the opportunity to remove the 'interim' title from his job description and make him manager for next season, the Dayton Daily News has learned.

When confronted with that knowledge and reminded that he once said he would never lie to a writer, Narron acknowledged that he had been offered the job this week.

He hasn't accepted, saying, "It isn't written in cement," but later said, "I'm sure I'll take it."

He'll make that decision before Sunday's final game in St. Louis.

Here's the "money" quote (heh):

Narron said any hang-up about making his decision has nothing to do with money.

"I'm not money motivated," he said. "I love the game and the competition. I want to win and I want a chance to win."

Sounds like he's the Reds kind of guy.

Also a tidbit on the ownership sale:

One potential buyer is Jeff Smulyan, chairman of Emmis Broadcasting in Indianapolis and former owner of the Seattle Mariners. He also is one of the bidders for the Washington Nationals.

Smulyan, who likely could purchase the Reds for half of what the Washington franchise will cost, tried to move the Mariners to Tampa Bay in the early 1990s but was forced to offer the team to buyers who would keep the team in Seattle and it was sold to Nintendo.

I'm ambivalent on Narron.  Yeah, the Reds have played ok since he took over, but so what?  I was behind hiring Miley, but his performance made me think that going outside of the organization is usually a good thing when it comes to hiring key management officials.

But hey there is upside.  He's not Larry Bowa.

I've added a poll, take the time to vote and let us know what you think of Narron staying put next year.


Jerry Narron: Good signing or bad

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