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Game Thread: Game 157

TIME: 7:35 @ Miller Park

                       BREWERS PROBABLE:
Brandon Claussen (10-9, 3.91)       Rick Helling (2-1, 2.51)

As bad as the Reds pitching might be, they're still farther along than they were last year, simply because of Brandon Claussen and Aaron Harang.  Neither are aces or world beaters, but both are solid contributors.  And while the Reds have long lacked an ace they've also been lacking solid arms of late.

It's funny, I'd never root for the Browns, under any circumstance.  But I find myself pulling for the Indians lately.  They're what the Reds should aspire to be.

The Reds are at 72 wins, if they can't pull out 4 in the next week then they'll come in under the 76 they won last year.  Let's go Reds!