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Game Thread: Game 149

TIME: 1:35 @ PNC Park

Eric Milton (7-14, 6.55)       Oliver Perez (6-5, 6.04)

Never would have thought that Oliver Perez would be sporting a 6+ ERA in September.  Can't say the same about Eric Milton.

I'm in the process of moving, and may be without internet for a few days, so posting may be a little sporadic.  I'm loving the increased activity of the past few days, even if some of it is inspired by ... hrm ... silliness.  I hope you guys will keep using the site so much as we approach the offseason, otherwise known as the most exciting time of the year for Reds fans.  I'm sure DanO will sign a utility infielder or something this winter.  Hurrah.

Let's go Reds!