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Game Thread: Game 145

TIME: 8:05 @ Wrigley Field

                  CUBS PROBABLE:
Randy Keisler (2-0, 6.69)       Jerome Williams (5-8, 4.52)

Randy Keisler as a minor leaguer:

685 IP
3.77 ERA
578/272 K/BB
8.82 H/9IP

And then of course we have his 37.2 innings of 6.69 ERA this season.  The thing that strikes me the most about the above numbers is the 8.82 hits per 9 innings pitched.  Keisler is a hittable pitcher, even in the minor leagues.  Why would that change as a starter in the majors?

Furthermore, why is he even on the short list for the starting rotation?  Why not give Matt Belisle another chance?  Or bring up Justin Germano?  Or ... something.  Else.

This has all the trappings of another braindead move by the Reds front office.  I don't even know what to hope for here.  I always want to the Reds to win, but if Keisler has a few great starts here at the end of September then the Reds might actually consider putting him in the rotation next April.  And we really can't have that.  I'm rooting for a 17 - 13 slugfest that the Reds come out on top of personally. Seems like the best thing that could happen.

Let's go Reds!