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Game Thread: Game 144

TIME: 8:05 @ Wrigley Field

              CUBS PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (7-14, 6.63)       Carlos Zambrano (13-5, 3.18)

Jerry Narron (to Vern Ruhle): What's Milton's record?

Ruhle: He's seven and fourteen.

Jerry: Seven and fourteen!?  How'd he ever win seven?

Okay, maybe not quite, but the feeling matches the scene from Bull Durham.  This has simply not been a good year from Eric Milton.  He has three or four more starts, and then the Reds will have to decide what is to be done about him in the offseason.

My apologies for the lack of a game thread last night.  BlogAds was acting goofy, which made the site act goofy, and it was just a bit of a mess.  Things are fixed now though.  That was the only game this season that hasn't had a game thread at Red Reporter btw, which I find impressive.  The few times I've dropped the ball, you guys have picked it up which is awesome.

Not much is happening with the Reds.  At all.  Every year when the first two weeks of February roll around I think to myself that February is the worst time of year to be a baseball fan.

That might be true, but the worst time of year to be a Reds fan is September when they're out of contention.  And they've been out of contention since roughly 1999.

Last night's win means the Reds have won the season series with the Cubs.  Is there a more disappointing team in baseball than the Cubs?  Has there ever been a team that's done less with so much talent?  I don't know if it's Dusty Baker's fault or what, but that team underachieves year in and year out, and there's just no excuse when you have that kind of pitching.

Remember when many Cubs fans didn't want Adam Dunn?  I guess they don't really want to go to the playoffs all that badly anyway.  Wouldn't want to spoil that lovable loser thing they've got going.

Let's go Reds!