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Pena Unhappy With Playing Time

From Hal:

Wily Mo Pena said it calmly -- didn't demand a trade, didn't pound his spikes on a podium, didn't threaten to turn over the postgame meal table.

That doesn't mean he is happy sitting. He's not. He wants to play and manager Jerry Narron has said, "I wouldn't want players who are happy if they aren't playing."

Pena wonders where it will lead, this four-outfielders situation where Austin Kearns is playing right field most of the time and Pena is playing some right field and a game or two in left field.

He is surprised the Reds didn't trade an outfielder, either him or Kearns.

"My agent told me there were a couple of teams interested in me (Washington, Chicago Cubs), but the Reds wouldn't do it," Pena said. "I would like them to tell me what's going on. They don't tell me anything.

I can't really say I blame Wily Mo.  We hear time and time again from Reds players that management doesn't communicate anything to them, and I have to wonder why?  What does Dan O'Brien gain by keeping his employees in the dark?

My opinion is that O'Brien isn't really doing it intentionally.  I don't think he can help it.  He simply seems to be a piss poor communicator.

Remember how the new GM was supposed to make the Reds a respectable organization again after Jim Bowden ticked off many teams and players?  Hasn't really happened.