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Rick Monday Loves Adam Dunn

No, just kidding, Monday apparently thinks Dunn strikes out too much.  

I can't say I agree with this guy's politics, but he recognizes how valuable Adam Dunn is to the Reds, so he can't be all that bad:

Last week I endured three consecutive days of listening to awful Dodgers broadcaster Rick Monday slag on the Reds' Adam Dunn (the National League's Player of the Month in July) for striking out too damned much.


What's more, while I was listening to the bag-eyed ghoul go on and on about Dunn's allegedly disastrous ponchados in that sing-songy wannabe Scully voice, I began remembering the professional ball of my youth, and ... well, didn't Rick Monday actually strike out all the damned time, too?

Did he ever. Monday, whose career high in RBI was 77, is 34th all-time in career strikeouts, with 1,513. He struck out so damned much that he finished in the league top 10 three different seasons in which he didn't even have 400 at-bats. On Dunn's last day in L.A., when Monday was going off on him, the Cincinatti slugger had 106 strikeouts in 336 at-bats. Monday, in 1978, had 100 in just 342.

Some broadcasters just don't seem to think about what they're saying, and the tragic thing is that many of their listeners don't take the time to think about what they're hearing.

I've never heard Rick Monday announce a baseball game, but he seems like a definite "pass" to me.