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Dunn Named Player of the Month

It's not just stat heads who love the guy:

The Reds' success in the month of July certainly can't be pegged on one player.

But sportswriters made sure to credit Adam Dunn with a large portion of it, naming him the National League Player of the Month for July.

"It's definitely something special," Dunn said. "It's special with the way I've been playing the last couple months and to have a good month and win an award for it."

Dunn helped the Reds to a 16-11 record in July by having his most productive offensive month of the year. Dunn batted .278 and led the league in home runs (11) and RBIs (31).

Dunn is now in the top 10 in the National League in RBI's, and he's (I believe) tied for the league lead in home runs with 32.  He's also fourth in the NL in OPS.  

But his batting average is still in the .250s, and he's struck out 74 times, so some people persist in thinking that he's not that valuable.  If this season isn't changing their mind, then nothing probably ever will.