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Great Bowden Quote

From the Washington Post:

Bowden, meantime, went straight to the Nationals' clubhouse, his stride purposeful, his face blood-red. He slammed the clubhouse door behind him, and disappeared into the office of Manager Frank Robinson.

"You know what? Be a man. Wake up, and do some damage," Bowden said later, seemingly threatening wholesale changes to the team's offense. "Or guess what? After that, Frank's going to do whatever he can do. . . . If they're not hitting, he might as well put other people in there. There are a lot of guys who can score no runs a game."

This coming from the guy that signed Christian Guzman and Vinny Castilla last offseason for gobs of money.

I'm still not a Dan O'Brien fan, at all, but I've let go of the opinion that Bowden is a better alternative.