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Dunn and Casey discuss Steroids

Interesting article today from the Enquirer on the Reds take on all the recent steroid news.  I love this quote:

It would be difficult - no, make that impossible - for Reds slugger Adam Dunn to wind up with a steroid in his body from a supplement he doesn't know contains it.

"I don't touch that stuff, none of that stuff," said Dunn, noting that he didn't even take any supplements when he was playing football.

Dunn and Sean Casey believe current rules are sufficient:

"There's no telling what happened," Dunn said of Palmeiro's stated belief that something he ingested must have contained steroids without his knowledge. "But when something is detected, and it is detected in one of the high-echelon guys, I'd say the testing is working."


Casey could understand Palmeiro's defense: Why in the world would he knowingly take steroids in the same year he was going to get his 3,000th hit and had testified on Capitol Hill about steroids in baseball?

"If there's something out there with something in it that's going to show up (as a) steroid (on a drug test)," said Casey, then players need to know what it is.

Like Dunn, Casey believes the present testing in Major League Baseball for steroids is sufficient to catch the cheaters and keep the game above suspicion.

It would be nice if MLB or Palmeiro could just come right out and say why he tested positive.  There are so many different ways for steroids to enter the body, and it would shed some light on how much he really screwed up.

I know it's in vogue to foam at the mouth about these dirty, horrible, no good cheaters, but I can't help but feel bad for Palmeiro.  He's been underappreciated his entire career and now he's going to be remembered for this.  Yeah, it's his own fault, I just think it's a shame.