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Marriage Hiatus

I'll be out for the next week after marrying the most wonderful girl in the world last night.  I'll be at RFK on Wednesday night to see the Reds play the Nats, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures there.

The site's all yours guys.   I'd love to see someone start a game thread in the diary section everyday if possible, and I'm hoping the diaries will be active since I won't be posting to the main page much.  I might check in once or twice, but it'll be infrequent.

Oh, and the diary to the right about Roger Clemens was posted to  Traffic has been pretty insane, here's what its looked like:

That's unique visits, not pageviews.  Definitely a traffic record for my Reds site, in any of it's forms.

Have a good week everyone!  Go Reds!