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Randa on the Reds

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Joe Randa seems like such a classy guy:

"I thought they would move Dunn," Randa says. "They're going to have to address their outfield situation during the offseason. It's a disservice to those guys."

Right now, that outfield situation remains Dunn, Griffey, Austin Kearns and Wily Mo Pena. Somebody has to go. Of course, it seemed like somebody had to go a month ago.

Randa says he knew he was gone before the season began, that after signing a one-year free-agent deal last December.

"I knew in spring training," Randa says, as soon as prospect Edwin Encarnacion began going through drills alongside him. "I saw Edwin. I knew he was special."

Yeah Joe, you'd think the Reds would trade from their depth (OF) to try to address their weakness (pitching, obviously), but not yet.  Hopefully that'll change this offseason.