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It seems like everything's falling apart all at once.

Josh Hancock has injured himself again:

"RHP Josh Hancock has been diagnosed with inflammation in his right elbow caused by a sprained ulnar collateral ligament...he will be re-evaluated in 5-7 days."

Sean Casey is out for who knows how long:

Casey left Tuesday's game against the Giants after the first inning with a strained left shoulder. He will be re-evaluated Wednesday and is listed as day-to-day.

Casey injured the shoulder during an at-bat against Jason Schmidt.

"I did it on the 1-1 pitch," Casey said. "I took a bad swing. I just really jarred it, to tell you the truth."

And, of course, Ryan Freel went on the DL a few days ago.

It's kind of strange to think, but the Reds have had great luck health wise this season.  If I'd known how healthy the Reds were going to be before the season started I probably would have been a lot more optimistic.  Which would have apparently been a mistake.