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Allen Denies Griffey Rumors

Am I the only one who cringes when John Allen speaks?

Allen, the Reds' chief operating officer, reacted angrily to continued reports that the team is trying to trade Griffey.

"There's nothing to it!" Allen said. "There's no trade talk going on! There's no trade! I'm not commenting on it. Where do you guys get this stuff? Who promulgates this story is beyond me."


Allen is clearly frustrated with the specific talk about Griffey and with rumors in general.

"Somebody is making stuff up," he said. "There was a report in USA Sports Weekly that I was going to fire (general manager Dan O'Brien) and hire Jim Duquette. I've never met Jim Duquette. I wouldn't know him if he walked up to me."

Allen said he won't issue a "We're not trading Griffey" statement because the White Sox or another club could make an offer that is impossible to refuse.

"If somebody offers us a No. 1 starter and we make a trade, (the media) is going to say I lied," Allen said.

What a jackass.  The sooner the city of Cincinnati is rid of John Allen, the better.