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Game Thread: Game 119

TIME: 7:10 @ Great American Ball Park

                 GIANTS PROBABLE:
Eric Milton (6-12, 6.48)       Jason Schmidt (9-6, 4.28)

What the heck has happened to Jason Schmidt?

Ryan Freel has gone on the 15 day DL with torn cartilage in his right knee.  Aaron Holbert has been called up to replace him.

Holbert is 32 and in his 2nd year with the Reds system.  He was a first round draft pick by the St. Louis Cardinals (18th overall) way back in 1990.  He got into one game back in 1996, and went 0-3. That's been it for his major league career until now.  Baseball Cube doesn't have any stats for him from 1997-2001, so I'm not sure if he was out of baseball or if the Cube is simply lacking in this case.

It's nice to see a guy like this get a shot though, and I'm glad to see him up instead of Bergolla, who doesn't really receive much benefit from sitting on the bench in Cincinnati.  It's much better for him to be playing every day in Louisville.

Let's go Reds!