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Reds 8th Most Popular Team in Baseball

According to a Harris survey:

   Biggest improvements since last year

     Three teams have moved up nine or more places since 2004:
     -- The Chicago White Sox move up 17 places from #27 to #10
     -- The Cincinnati Reds move up 11 places from #19 to #8; and
     -- The New York Mets move up nine places from #14 to #5.

Not sure I see that, especially with how much the team has struggled in recent years, but who knows.

I did think this was an ugly part of their methodology:

The Harris Poll® was conducted online within the United States between July 12 and 18, 2005 among a nationwide cross section of 2,339 adults (aged 18 and over), of whom 874 follow Major League Baseball.

So two out of the three people surveyed don't even follow major league baseball.  Heh.